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Rm D-3 - Mrs. Reyes




Introduction movie

Introduction video

More introduction information.

Web quest:

Web quest 2:

Read each step of the rock cycle here.


Watch the animation on this link:


Another visual (it's timed so stay focused).  Click on GIZMO tab.


Read and take notes from this page.


Fill in your circle page with facts about the cycle and its 3 steps.

1) sedimentary   




Each step needs:

How the rock is made (process)

Describe the attributes of rocks in each step of the cycle

Example of a rock that is in that state of the rock cycle. Use your rock collection to help you



Try this little game

Try this quiz

Class will play some Jeopardy later…so be sure to get the important details!




LearnZillion about lines, rays, line segments

Watch the video from Brain Pop about angles.









1.  Lexia 10 minutes. (unless you need to make up your STAR math and  STAR reading tests)

2.  Sit next to your recipe partners.  Work on completing your recipe assignment.

3.  If you finish your recipe assignment and it is a slideshow, please go to the email form I sent you, and one person from the group needs to paste the shareable link to your slideshow on the form. Make sure your document is on "can edit".

4.  If you have finished, you can go to any of the following links:

















Play the Oregon Trail Game



Or play this gold rush game:










1.  Go to your email.  Please open the link for the student survey.  Tell Mrs. Haugen and the staff the truth about how you feel about things, since she is really wanting to know your HONEST feedback.


An answer of 1 means disagree, and a 10 means agree.  You may choose any number in between to show exactly how you feel.


We have been brainstorming the many things that make Grant School unique and special.  If you have an idea to share, you can add that -- it's the last question.  It's optional.



2.  Lexia 10 minutes.


3.  Mission groups:  Decide who is going to type which paragraph.  All 4 paragraphs should be typed.  Do on your own doc, then cut and paste to a group doc as you finish.  Decide who is going to open a doc to share with everyone.  Don't forget to allow your group to edit.




1.  Lexia 10 minutes.

2.  Find my mission map email to you, and click on the link.

3.  Using the map, make notes about the location of the missions, being sure to write the notes in correct sections. Be sure to              look carefully at the pictures, and read the captions.

4.   Go to the following link,

       and do some further investigation and note taking about missions, using the pre-chosen links on            

        that page. 








Lexia (10 minutes)



  1. Write a new post on your blog.  It should be about the book you are currently reading.  You need at least one strong paragraph (8 sentences or so, with descriptive sentences in it, so that people will want to read it!)


     2.  Comment on 2 other blogs.  Please use punctuation and capitalization. 


      3.  Go to this link and read through the directions.  We will not be starting here today, but this is what is going to happen in             social studies, so you can get a heads up.



     4.  Make a circle map of missions, and see what kind of information you can find.  We are gathering information in context 

          of the California Missions.  Use this link.         https://docs.google.com/a/petk12.org/document/d/1N7W07sUtldaBbKgg51r0B8RglU4zc1_-EgE7Sjp4z0M/edit


     5.  Typing practice. 





1.  I will tell you whether you will be doing AR test or AM test first. You will be doing both!  Please do your best, as I am looking for growth from          the last time we took the test.

2.  Multiplication practice:  Use the following links.







3.If you have done all of those, then you can practice typing, or start a new blog post.





1.  Lexia 10 minutes.

2.  AR quiz if you need to.

3.  Open your drive.  Go to the waffle.  Go to mail. Check your email and fill out forms/paste URL's.

4.  Go to these math sites:


Now you have a choice:  You can start a new blog, or go to typing practice.







1.  Lexia 10 minutes


2.  Check your email and fill in the form from me about furniture choices you liked or didn't like.


3.  Take an AR quiz


4.  Create a Haiku about your seashell art.



A haiku is an unrhymed three-line poem. It is based on a traditional Japanese poetic form. Though there are different ways to write haiku, the traditional pattern in English is to write the first and last lines with five syllables each, and the middle line with seven syllables. In other words, the pattern of syllables looks like this:

Line 1: 5 syllables
Line 2: 7 syllables
Line 3: 5 syllables

Here’s another way to visualize the same thing:

1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5



To begin writing your haiku poems, just follow these steps:

  1. Think about your seashell.  Look carefully at it.  Think of what the real one felt/looked like. 
  2. Think about what is different about your third line. The last line of a haiku usually makes an observation. That is, the third line points out something about the subject you are writing about. What observation do you want to make?
  3. Start writing on a new doc, titled "Seashell Haiku".
  4. Don’t forget to count the syllables as you read to make sure you’ve got the right pattern.
  5. Finally, “center” your poem on the page like haikus usually are.


Remember, we will be pasting your Haiku to the seashell art.


Put your name and 4th grade at the end.  :)


You are going to go back to your email, from me, with a form titled Haiku turn in.

You will need to copy the link of your page, and paste it in the form line on my email.

That is how you turn it in.


Now you can go to the typing practice link.






Lexia - 10 minutes

1.  Go to kidblog.  Write a new entry.

2.  Remember it needs to be at least 6 sentences, including a topic and concluding sentence.


4.  Ask a neighbor to proofread BEFORE YOU POST!

5.  On kidblog -- comment on 3 people's blogs.


7.  Ask a neighbor to proofread it BEFORE YOU POST.


8.  Research sharks further.  Take notes, in a circle map, on SCRATCH  paper.  You can use these notes (along with your other notes from articles) when you write about sharks later this week.





Lexia 10 minutes.

Work on your Indian presentations.

     1.  One person in the group opens their drive.

     2.  That person creates a new presentation

     3.  Share the presentation with your group members.

     4.  Work TOGETHER to create the title slide.

     5.  Work INDEPENDENTLY on your own  "expert" slide 




Go to:  http://hourofcode.com/us

Watch the video.

Give coding a try.

At 2:15 we will go to LEXIA.



Site for Language Arts in class:  week of Nov. 17

Go to:  http://www.mbgnet.net/fresh/

  • Read to compare two freshwater ecosystems (top of page has 3 buttons)
  • Use the sidebar on the left to navigate for information about those ecosystems.


Lab: 12/2/14


Lexia/AR test if needed.


Finish your map of stops in CA.  Dropping pins and connecting places with lines.

Then attach a picture to one stop in each region (4 pictures total).



Go to this site:  http://www.quia.com/sh/6349.html?AP_rand=503889631

and do the scavenger hunt. 







Lab:  11/19/14





Lexia:  10 minutes


We will go to our Google M  aps and practice what Mrs. Haugen showed us about maps.  You will be dropping pins all over CA to show where you went on your road trip.  Insert a picture at each location.



What do you wonder about Thanksgiving?  Think of a question you have that you want answers to.

Search for  and find an answer to your question...


1. Go to your Google Drive

2. Go to Create (red button)

3. Open "Draw"

4. Draw an image about Thanksgiving.

5. Find one more interesting fact about Thanksgiving using a Google Search. Add the fact to your drawing







Class News

  • Link to Class Newsletter Page

Student Work



Teaching Pages

  • Links to Teaching Pages



1.  Star Math test

2.  finish Star Reading test.

3.   Take any AR reading tests you may need to get done.

4.   Go to Kidblog and finish your Stone Fox blog.  NOT A SUMMARY.

5.   Go to math in Kahn Academy and work on a topic of your choice.

6.   Typing practice. http://play.bbc.co.uk/play/pen/g8s4pb547b





1.  Go to Lexia (Core 5) for 15 minutes.


2.  Go to Kidblog and log in.  You will write your first blog about the book, Stone Fox.  It should NOT be a summary, since we have all read it already.  You should make a statement about the book and defend what you are saying.


3.  Then go to this link and do some math...



4.  Kahn Academy work.  Log in using your google acct.






1.  Go to Lexia (Core 5) for 15 minutes.


2.  Go to your Google email acct.  We will be accepting Kahn Academy invitation.


3.  We will be clearing up our files today...organizing them together.


4.  If we finish that, do typing for 10 minutes.  http://play.bbc.co.uk/play/pen/g8s4pb547b


5.)  Check out/explore/work on Kahn Academy.





Go to Lexia for 15 minutes.

(remember to use the Core 5 picture on the wiki to get you there.)  


Take any AR tests you need to take.  Say yes to Vocabulary tests!


Typing for 20 minutes.  Use this link:



Then you can check out these other links that have to do with upcoming science ideas.  See if you can do them all and do them well.  Impress Mrs. O'Niell when it is time to talk about it in class.  :)









Be sure that when it is time to log off, you shut your computer down completely before leaving the lab.






Take any AR tests you need to take.  Say yes to Vocabulary tests!


1)  Social Studies:  Work with your partner(s) to continue your Road Trip planning.  You should get finished with day 4. (30 minutes.)


2) Lexia/Typing-- I will tell you if you need to do Lexia or not.  If not, you will be typing.


3)  Try these links.























Go to the typing link :http://play.bbc.co.uk/play/pen/g8s4pb547b


Then, go to this link:   http://oakdome.com/k5/lesson-plans/california-regions/california-regions.php

 Pick one tourist attraction from each region ( 4 total) and take notes (using a tree map) in your social studies notebook.  The top labeled Tourist attractions, names of region at the top of each branch.


  • Name of attraction 
  • what it is
  • describe it 
  • how it started/formed
  • why people visit it 
  •  cost? 



If you finish:

Go explore this site:  http://www.ecokids.ca/PUB/games_activities/index.cfm






First go to this link and type:  http://play.bbc.co.uk/play/pen/g8s4pb547b


When it is time to change it up:  


1) Take an AR test on any books you have finished, but have not tested on yet.


2) Read:  http://geographyworldonline.com/tutorial/lesson4.html


3)  Then go to:  



4)  Now some spelling practice.  



















1.  First, Go to https://hosted9.renlearn.com/307405/

     Go to STAR MATH.  Use your scratch paper to show your work.  I will be collecting the scratch paper.  Do your best. :)


2.  Go on to the STAR reading test.  I know you took it before, but it was very crazy and noisy.  I want you to have the best possible environment to do your best. 


3.Next, take any reading tests on AR that you need to take for finishing a book!


4.  Go to   http://www.mathplayground.com/games2.html. Pick a game to play QUIETLY.


5.   Do some typing practice.  http://play.bbc.co.uk/play/pen/g8s4pb547b




















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