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Group 7

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Pre Algebra Basics - Integers

Skill 1: Integers on the Number Line

            Find the Value of a Number  

            Find Opposite Numbers


Skill 2:  Absolute Value  

            Find Absolute Value  

            The Relationship Between Rational Numbers and Absolute Value  

            Describe Negative Values with Words  

            Absolute Value in Real World Situations

            Value of a Negative Number Decreases while it's Absolute Value Increases


Skill 3: Comparing and Ordering Integers

             I think you can do this on your own.  Let me know if you need a video.


Skill 4: Addition of Integers

             Adding 2 Positive or 2 Negative Integers 

             Adding Positive and Negative Integers


Skill 5: Subtraction of Integers

              Understanding Subtraction as Adding the Additive Inverse

              Determine the distance between integer

              Subtract integers using the difference definition


Skill 6: Multiplication of Integers

             Multiply Integers using Patterns

            Prove that a negative times a negative equals a positive


Skill 7: Division of Integers

            Dividing positive and negative numbers

            Use Inverse relationship of multiplication and division to divide integers


Skill 8: Problem Solving - Operations with Integers


Pre Algebra Basics - Expressions and Equations

Skill 9: Order of Operations

             Solve multi-step problems using order of operations 


Skill 10: Translating Words to Algebraic Expressions

Skill 11: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Skill 12: Order of Operations with Parentheses

Skill 13: Solving 1-Step Equations

Skill 14: Solving 2-Step Equations

Skill 15: The Coordinate Plane


Pre Algebra Basics - Rational Numbers and Exponents

Skill 16: Defining and Comparing Rational Numbers

Skill 17: Computing with Rational Numbers

Skill 18: Solving Equations with Rational Numbers

Skill 19: Exponents and Square Roots

Skill 20: Evaluating Expressions with Exponents

Skill 21: The Pythagorean Theorem

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