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Dell Laptop Setup in Library

Page history last edited by Ginny Mason 8 years, 10 months ago

Dell Laptop Setup in Library


Two Dell laptops were received from SCOE.  They are generally underpowered (slower) than needed for many applications, have no wireless network support, and their viability for use in the classroom is questionable as a "hands-off", trouble-free system. 


However, the library could use two additional research/AR testing machines (as well as a possible "mini" lab for Lexia Reading) providing much needed flexibility and access on campus in the afternoons.  Therefore, they've been cleaned up to be used as Internet Kiosks (internet applications) with Remote Desktop links for Microsoft Office support similar to the current library desktops. 


The batteries (flash memory for keeing date/time information on the system and system batteries for running unplugged) are questionable which means they always require wall power.  Should wall power fail (get unplugged or power failure), system date/time will need to be set the next time they are booted.


Printers were setup similarly as the Library desktops.  The default is the Library HP Laserjet 5000.  Since this was setup with the printer shutdown, it was not tested.  The lab printer and "Print to PDF" are also installed on the systems.  Lab printing was tested.


General Setup

1) Plug the dlink switch into power and the open remaining network port in the library into the switch port #1. (Light should come on and start to blink).

2) Plug both laptops into the wall and connect network cords into laptop and into any of the remaining ports in the switch (ports 2-5).

3) Boot laptops setting date/time accurately if asked.

4) When Windows boots, the lights on the switch ports should begin to blink.

5) Test default printing to library printers (make sure it is on before printing).  If the printing doesn't work, then check the print setup on one of the Library desktops (particularly the port number and the settings, LPR and Queue name.)

6) Library 3: Panda appears to be partially installed and partially running.  No Panda in System Tray and the AVT directory did not get copied (and installed) from the default Panda installation.  Needs to be re-installed.  Put on Support Tech Punch List for beginning of year.


Internet Use

After completing General Setup, the internet should be accessible.  Like the Library desktop machines, the home pages are set to Destiny and to the Wiki.


Microsoft Office Use (On the Grantlab network)

1) Click on Remote Desktop

2) The username should be set to the be same as the white label on the outside and above the screen.  If not, it can be retyped as the label (exactly).  There is no password similar to all student machine accounts on the Grantlab network.

3) Use as you would all student machines on campus saving files in teacher/project folders.

4) Printing default is the lab with access to all classroom printers, but not the library HP laserjet.

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