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Summer Programs 2011 - Problem Report

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Limited support is available on some activities; others provide no support.


Now take AR Quizzes on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices

  1. Download App Instructions
  2. Setup Server Settings: https://hosted49.renlearn.com/282755/
  3. Login with username and password 
  4. Search for book - see tips upon first logging in for finding books.
  5. Support and other FAQs



Summer Program Instructions

  1. Check the list below for the program description and age group.
  2. Sign-up for one or more programs.
  3. Read the FAQs and the bottom of the page if you have any problems.
  4. Submit a Problem Report for Accelerated Reader/Math Facts in a Flash/Lexia Reading login problems.


Please remember that teachers are on vacation too, so it may take a day or two to get back to you.


Renaissance Place Tools

Accelerated Reader/Math Facts in a Flash/Home Connect - Students entering grades 2-6

Logins - these are the same logins students used during the school year. Students entering grades 2-6 should already know their logins.  Support available through Problem Report form.


enVision Math - time limited access

Math games available until July 1.  Same login used all year long.  No support.


Lexia Learning - access provided by classroom teacher

Evaluation only; limited to students of teachers who have provided students with logins.  Requires software installation and follow up by parent.  Support only available if past year's teacher has offered.


Spelling City - On your own for tracking

 Spelling and vocabulary games and activities; free access or you can subscribe as a family.  No support during summer.


Sumdog - Students entering grades 2-6 with access provided by classroom teacher

 Limited to teachers who have set up classrooms for classroom participation.  No additional support. Games may be played as a guest (and not tracked) or free sign-up available, but cannot choose to play against a former classmate.


TuxPaint - All students; install on your own computer

 Download and install TuxPaint.  Remember to download our stamps (re-organized) and install according to the information on the TuxPaint page.


Typing/Keyboarding - Students entering grades 3-6

 No login to online product this year.  Lots of online and installable products available on the Typing page.  Practice and learning is recommended for students entering grades 4-6.


More Help...

Logins and Other Frequently Asked Questions


Logins and Error Messages


What username and password should a student use? 

Use the same username and password used all during the school  year.  All students in grades 1-5  (school year 2010-11) have a username and password.  Also, see the next question below.


What if my child doesn't remember their username and password? 

  • Use the "Find User Name" link on the Renaissance Place login page.  Enter either your last name or first and hit search.  Click on your name,  The username is then added to the login box.  The password is first and last name initials.
  • If that doesn't work, use the Summer Problem Report form for Accelerated Reader or Math Facts in a Flash only.  Please be patient, we are on vacation too! Email may not be checked daily. 
  • Sumdog passwords were sent home by teachers if the class is participating. There is no way get a lost username/password over the summer.


What if my child doesn't have a username and password? 

Unfortunately, if you are a new student entering Grant for the coming school year, we are unable to add you at this time.  We encourage your child to participate in the Petaluma Library reading program and to practice math facts using any of the free tools on this site or other methods.


What if my child gets locked out? 

You have 3 tries to enter your username and password correctly in Renaissance Place. If you get locked out because you tried 3 times,your account will unlock at the same time the next day, so try back the next day.


What if we get an error message about a plug-in missing? 

You can check the system requirement plug-ins by clicking on the "Check Software Requirements" link at the bottom of the Renaissance Place page (where you select "Student").  Any plug-in that is missing is noted along with links to download it.


What can I do if I have technical problems?

Follow these troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure you are using a supported browser (see Client Workstion section and the Additional Client Requirements and Recommendations in http://doc.renlearn.com/KMNet/R004312127GJB43D.pdf
  • Check your browser security settings and pop-ups settings.  (http://support.renlearn.com/techkb/techkb/4751376e.asp)
  •  Ensure you click on the "Test Reader" link in the Software Requirements table.  Reader is necessary to generate reports and the software automatically checks for it whether you print or not.  We've turned off automatic printing for the summer session.
  • Sometimes you'll need to install updated versions of plug-ins even though the system check indicates everything is fine.
  • Reboot your machine after you've installed software and run the Check Software Requirements page again.  If it reports any errors you will not be able to proceed.  In which case, we recommend you uninstall all plugins and re-install the versions linked from the Check Software Requirements page.
  • Try a different account on the machine (administrator priviledges).  Often a restricted account does not allow the plug-ins to function correctly without first making sure they run in an administrator account.  Even then, the tool may require more access than a restricted or parental controlled account.

Beyond the tips above, you are on your own to solve software problems; we cannot provide technical support.  Renaissance Place supports only school personnel so please do not contact them for technical support.



How do we keep track of goals and quizzes? 

  • Home Connect will provide a word count for the Summer Marking Period.  Acquaint yourself with the Home Connect interface.


What if the program tells my student that they can't take a quiz? 

There are three potential situations where this can occur, please check all three. 

  1. Your child has already read the book and taken a quiz.  You cannot re-take a quiz.  To check, view quizzes taken for the entire school year in Accelerated Reader or from Home Connect.
  2. The Summer Program has not yet started.  The Summer Reading Program begins Monday, May 30, 2011.  Until then, the system may not allow you to take a quiz during school hours or on weekends nor will it track your word count for the Summer period.
  3. We did not setup the program correctly.  Please submit a Summer Problem Report Form.  Don't forget your email address and a message indicating the problem.


What do I do if a quiz isn't in Accelerated Reader? 

  1. Click here to try these search tips.
  2. Try finding the book in AR BookFinder (on Frontpage) if you find the quiz there, search by the Quiz Number in Accelerated Reaader.
  3. If you find the book in AR BookFinder (on Frontpage), but still don't see it in Accelerated Reader, submit a Summer Problem Report form.  Include the Quiz Number for AR Bookfind if you have it; otherwise, include the title and the author so we can activate the quiz.
  4. If you don't find the book in AR BookFinder (on Frontpage), chances are, the book does not have a quiz.  That's okay.  Just read it anyway for the enjoyment.  It is great to read all kinds of books...not all of them will have quizzes.
  5. New quizzes are added monthly.  You can use AR BookFinder's (on Frontpage) Advanced Search to view quizzes added within the last 30 days.



Having difficulty passing a math facts level? 

Try the following three methods:


Use Home Connect.

  1. LOGIN to Home Connect (on Frontpage) for the next few days.

  2. PRACTICE and TEST there. 

  3. When the results are close to two minutes for a test round, go back to Renaissance Place/Math Facts In A Flash.


Use a math game to practice.

  1. Find a math game that addresses your level.
  2. Play it for a few minutes a day for a few days.
  3. After a couple of days, go back to Renaissance Place/Math Facts In A Flash.


Use regular flash cards.

  1. Buy or make a set of flash cards for one or more levels.
  2. Keep them in the car and practice when you are going places.
  3. After a couple of days, go back to Renaissance Place/Math Facts In A Flash.


What if the program tells my child that they can't take a Math Facts In A Flash test or Practice Math in Renaissance Place or Home Connect? 

  1. If the program states "The Student capacity has expired. Please see your teacher.", we are out of licenses.
  2. Check your system requirements. (See Login and Error Mesages for instructions on how to do this task).
  3. You must first take a practice or test in Math Facts in a Flash before using Home Connect's Math Practice section.



What if I've tried all of those above or I have another question? 

You may submit Summer Problem Report (see top of page) . Please note, we are not checking every minute of the day!  (We are on vacation too!) 


For Grant Staff Only...

Summer Program Sign-ups and Problems - you must be logged in to view the page.


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