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2011 End of Year Tech Projects Summary

Page history last edited by Ginny Mason 8 years, 8 months ago

2011 End of Year Technology Projects, Funding and Timeline

The following items require a decision and/or action before the end of the year.  The decisions and actions may be funding requests to PTA or SSC for next year, summer spending/implementation or deferral for next year.  At the bottom, completed projects and long term projects are identified only for a complete picture.


Detailed information on the deferred projects is available here: 2011 End of Year Tech Projects Details.  Discussion points captured as well as any strategies were discussed.


Risk can be identified in the following categories:

  1. Curriculum support (equipment unavailable)
  2. Time/Schedule (amount of time to complete task, when task can be completed)
  3. Expertise (skill set required)
  4. Access to personnel or equipment
  5. Funding (no identified funding or funds currently not available for purchase requirements)
  6. Lack of information 


Ongoing Projects

The following projects are ongoing or not completed from June 2011.  Many are the Support Tech Issues list other are on the Deferred projects.  Some are midstream and just require followup.


Need/Issue Status Description / Recommendation Cost Analysis / Strategy
Risk Assessment Funding Source/Cost Estimate Timeline Who?  Point Person

Battery Backup (UPS)

Decision to have Terminal servers moved rack mounted APC.  Reduces time on all servers, but probably okay.

Move two servers to rack mounted APC.  Set Terminals for 5-7 minute recovery; DCs for remainder.



Power failure to Terminal Servers only - all student classroom equipment affected. (1)

No cost for now.


June 2011

STP Tasks - June

Switches + Wiring vs. Network Bandwidth Deferred until next school year.  Need load on system; can only happen when school is in session.

It is believed that our network topology (layout) is part of our throughput issues with our network as all systems talk to the domain controllers. 



  • Move forward with formal analysis
  • Establish usage guidelines on campus with teachers 
  • Work with DO on their costs versus site costs 
  • Request $ to be banked for potential replacement (add remaining Server Maintenance $ from this year to next year's server budget)

PTA allocated $600 investment for analysis.  Analysis will maximize efforts if $ require multi-phase project.


Allow phased implementation due to additional funding

High risk without official network analysis and on campus usage model (3, 4, 5, 6) 

PTA Funding or SSC Funding for Next School Year

  • $5-7K for switch hardware
  • Installation and wiring costs unknown 

Analysis: End of Year


Purchase and work deferred to next year


Bank $ for some work in this area.

Catina/ Tech committee w/STP/District


Bad Monitors

Mostly complete. 


Current Status

Classroom Monitor Evaluation


  • Begin a classroom replacement funds (not consumables) for all equipment. Tech Commitee approval to keep in line with long term view.

No funds this year if classroom standard can be maintained with existing monitors.

Lab and/or classroom replacements with laptops, netbooks, iPads, or other Apple equipment may not be compatible. (6)


Funds currently not allocated for classroom replacement (5)

PTA Funds Next Year

  • Request "misc" classroom equipment replacement fund of $500 with Tech Committee approval for purchases.

Tech Committee recommendation?

File Backup Deferred until next school year.

Current system is tape based.  Requires 2 hours to restore. Good long term storage and safety, but difficult to restore accidentally deleted files for students



  • Allocate funds for next year for alternative backup solution 

NAS Storage Unit for backup only (versus active use as file server) = $600;

Online backup for $600 per year (buys time until district has solution.)


Reduces dependency on files should both file servers fail (5, 6) PTA Funds Next School Year Tech Committee Recommendation
Log-in Timeout, Power Sleep Time Deployed GPO based solution to Lab and Teacher systems.  Some systems reported as sleeping quickly.  Problems should be submitted as a trouble ticket and sent to Support Tech or STP to resolve. Establish a workable power saving policy across the school that balances required use with district energy policy. District needs to set standard and provide long term solution. None District for anything further. Unknown

PEF Grant 2011

Phase I

Finishing up B2 and B4 placement.

Purchase of wireless keyboard/mice for K rooms--installation put on Support Tech Issues August 2011.

Slates and potential solution for B1 sound still outstanding.

Digitally Connected Classroom with installed projectors, wireless mouse and keyboards (most classrooms), connected AV systems and classroom amplification.  Interactivity for K's and 1st grade still not known well.

Finish up open installations/issues.

Decide on remainder of grant $ per requirements.

Remainder of PEF Grant 2011-2012 School Year Catina
Multimedia Cart Rebuild Rebuild with new laptop (waiting for District Support:  Support Tech Issues August 2011.

Buy switch to handle all audio connections (DVD, PC, iPod?, local speakers (needed outside Multi sound system).

Lock down laptop with keys


Requires "certified/owners" for cart; should get on a update schedule with STP; Needs storage place that is locked (lab), but not in the way.

Training for all teachers beyond "owners".

PEF Grant? August 2011
Panda on all machines

Support ticket sent for D1 teacher computer?


Virus or spyware is increasing on campus since Panda install. 

Panda Antivirus is currently on all but one teacher system, lab computers and servers comprising 75% of systems. None, just needs District Support to schedule and complete Almost all student PCs at risk (eTrust; no updates since Dec 2010). District Replacement of lockdown/power solution from District.
Lexia Reading Pilot Eval extended.

Could be put on two library systems, old Toshiba laptop and RSP systems to create mini-labs/Reading Room use.

See Surplus Equipment.

Classroom equipment purchase to handle software? Requires better strategy for using current equipment on campus to meet needs. ?? ?? Catina
Lab Projector

Installed, but needs clean up, configuration, training and replacement lamp follow up.

See Campus Tech Start Up List 2011-2012.

August 2011
Lab Student Equipment Replacement Waiting for District Standards

Current lab equipment is 6 years old. Equipment is failing mostly in network connectivity, but some video systems are intermittent.


See 2011 End of Year Tech Projects Details for Discussion and estimated costs.

Network cards replaced to reduce connectivity issues.  

Should be placed on repair/maintenance schedule and attempt to get through year with discussions/strategy revisited in January 2012.

See  2011 End of Year Tech Projects Details - banked $ January 2012 Tech Committee / District
Classroom Student System Replacement Waiting for District Standards Mix of 7-8 year old systems (Terminal Servers, SCOE donated PCs) See 2011 End of Year Tech Projects Details for Discussion and estimated costs. Age of equipment may affect student classroom use.

See 2011 End of Year Tech Projects Details for Discussion and estimated costs.

No funding source identified.

January 2012 Tech Committee / District
Servers (File, DHCP, DNS, etc.) Aging network servers which provide multiple servers.

See 2011 End of Year Tech Projects Details for Discussion and estimated costs.

Lease options need to be identified.

Age of equipment may affect student classroom use.

Cloud computing initiatives.

See 2011 End of Year Tech Projects Details for Discussion and estimated costs.

Banked $.

January 2012 Tech Committee / District


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