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Grant Digital Classroom Training

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Connecting Digitally at Grant


Instructional Use Capture


Table of Contents



Session III - April 27, 2010

  • General Announcements
    • Lab Closing
    • Access for Lexia
    • Ren Place STAR assessments (pencil/scratch paper for math)
    • Power Timings/Screen Saving
    • Report Card Printing 
  • Successes! Commitments! Challenges!
  • What's Next? - A overview of a few tools for next year?
    • Word Magnets, etc. - must be installed
    • Destiny (Online School Library) for Teachers and Students 
  • Anything Else? 

Session II - April 6, 2010



What have you done in your classroom using the newly installed Digital Connected Classroom? 

  • Enter early and often. (One liners, 20 characters only!)
  • Help us capture some of the activities on campus to share with each other.
  • We'll make a collage of the answers.


Answer Garden Feedback Tool

"Plant a Question, Grow Some Answers" 

What have you done with your Digitally Connected Classroom?... at AnswerGarden.ch.




  • Equipment Turn-Off Updates and Power Settings
  • Inventory Items + Digital Classroom Connections Sheet
  • Equipment Support - Where can I find...? AV Equipment  
  • Visual Components
    • Projector Remotes, Lamps, Turning Off, Blanking
    • DVD & VCR - switched by your projecto 
    • Computer - switched by your projector
    • Presenting - Mouse Programming, ZoomIt
  • Guided Practice
    • Experienced Buddy
      • Setting Up
      • Transitions
      • Presenting
      • Closing Up
    • Complete Inventory Sheet 
  • Independent Practice
    • Answer Garden - What did you present this week. 


Session I - March 30, 2011


New Buddy Assignments


Experienced Buddy

Inexperienced Buddy





Denise Julie

Paul Lightner

Susan Cohen


Tami J

Paul S



Leslie Kellean





Floaters - go where needed




Comments (1)

Leslie Ihrig said

at 7:43 am on Apr 7, 2011

Kellean and I looked at Digital Path in Envision and I showed her how I use Powerpoint presentations in social studies and in my American Art Enrichmnet rotation

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