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Mrs. Groh & Mrs Friesen

Face Painting Application

B3 Wiki 


Classroom Blogs

C-1 Blog: C-1 Reading Adventures


D-1 Blog: Sharing Our Voices


How to do a Science Fair Project - 6 videos which guide you through the steps


Science Fair Form - complete this form to you share your link


Research Report


FrontRow Math


Math Homework Help




Hour of Code


Scholastic Reading Club

Class Activation Code:  GQCTJ




Computer Lab Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1. Complete both the Number System and Statistic & Probability diagnostic tests in FrontRow Math.  These are under the advanced section.



Persuasive Essay - complete this form to share your link.



Computer Lab Monday, May 18, 2015

Please do the following in order. 

1. You will be taking BOTH the STAR Reading and Math assessments today.  If your student number is odd you will start by taking the STAR Math assessment; if your student number is even you will begin with the STAR reading assessment. When you have completed one assessment continue with the other.  Remember to take you time and do your best work. 


2. Finish writing your parent letter for open house.  Do not print, we will do this on Wednesday.


3.  Work on FrontRow Math    login with your name, class code is gamo77




Computer Lab May 12, 2015

1. Create your slide for Open House.  It must include your name and the quote you've chosen.  Share the slide with Mrs. Groh and Mrs. Friesen AND complete this form - Open House Slide

2. Finish your parent letter.  This is your letter so you may choose any font you wish either 12 or 14 point, but you must write it using the standard letter format.  

  • This means you start with the date - May 20, 2015
  • then leave four blank lines and begin with your salutation (Dear Mom and Dad, or Dear Mom, or Dear Dad)
  • then leave 1 blank line and begin your first paragraph
  • use the tab key to indent each paragraph
  • leave 1 blank line between paragraphs
  • end your letter with a closing (All my love, You're the best, With gratitude, etc.) and then go to the next line and type your name.
  • When you are ready for a final proof complete this form.  We will print them NEXT week. 
3. Work on FrontRow Math 



Computer Lab April 28, 2015

1. Finish your Sixth Extinction Summary and submit the link here.

2. Work on FrontRow math



Computer Lab March 10, 2015

1.  SBAC Student Portal  





Computer Lab February 17, 2015

1.  FrontRow Math:  https://student.frontrowed.com/#login 

  • Login with your name and our class code: gamo77
  • Select the Numbers & Operations - Fractions box
  • Follow the directions for the diagnostic test.  When you are done begin the lesson you are assigned. 





Computer Lab December 2, 2014

1.  Enter your book review on our reading adventures blog.

2.  ConceptuaMath (let's see who can be the first to complete the assignment)

             Customer Name:  PetalumaCA

              User Name:  1st initial last name

3.  Hour of Code



Computer Lab November 18, 2014

1.  Read your comment(s) on your first blog post. Some of you have comments from students in Iowa!!  Then write a new blog on the book you are currently reading.  Make sure you include the characters with some elaboration, enough of the plot to let the reader know what the book is about (no spoilers), and whether you would recommend the book and why. Be sure to include the title of your book in your summary and as the title to your blog post. 

2.  ConceptuaMath

             Customer Name:  PetalumaCA

              User Name:  1st initial last name

3.  Hour of Code



Computer Lab November 4, 2014

1.  Take the STAR reading test

2.  Continue working with ConceptuaMath

                                   Customer Name:  PetalumaCA

                                   User Name:  1st initial last name

3. Hour of Code 



Computer Lab October 28, 2014

Write a blog about a book you would recommend to your classmates.  It must be a book that you have read this year.



Computer Lab October 21, 2014

Continue working with ConceptuaMath

                                   Customer Name:  PetalumaCA

                                   User Name:  1st initial last name (no spaces)




Computer Lab October 14, 2014

Begin working with ConceptuaMath

                                   Customer Name:  PetalumaCA

                                   User Name:  1st initial last name (no spaces)



Computer Lab October 7, 2014

1.  Word Work - Read this short article first: What are Root Words?


2.  Next complete your vocabulary worksheet using the links below.



Computer Lab September 30, 2014

Click here to continue the Hour of Code



Computer Lab September 23, 2014

Type your Paper Towel Persuasive Essay  and share with Mrs. Friesen and I.

Format for Essay:  Font is Times New Roman

                             Student number is in right hand corner

                             Name is under student number in the right hand corner

                             Title is centered and 18point

                             Body of Text is 14 point with tab indent for each paragraph; spacing is 1.15


When you are finished and have shared your essay begin the Hour of Code



Computer Lab September 16, 2014

Click here to begin Hour of Code



Computer Lab September 9, 2014

Finish your Survival Quest presentation



Computer Lab September 2, 2014

Click here to begin your Survival Quest 

































Group 7 


Westside Relays videos 


State Reports




Topic Ideas








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