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Campus Tech Start Up List 2010-2011

Page history last edited by Ginny Mason 9 years, 7 months ago

Grant Elementary School Technology falls into four major areas based on location, purpose and district support.  The last section discusses work that results as part of the efforts in the first four sections.


This page describes "resetting" the school equipment for use for the new school year.  Any items highlighted in yellow are unknown items at this time.


A summary of the various areas/equipment and their timelines are presented in the following table.


Priority Equipment Area
Project Point Person Approximate Time Period
Work Performed by...

Domain Controllers (2)

Terminal Servers (2)

Alice & Ginny Early August
Server Contractor (with Emory Guidance?)

Lab Coordinator identified needs and projects for this year

-Meet with proposed Vendor

-Get Proposal/Set up meeting with District/Emory

-Schedule work

1 A6

A2 thin clients before A6


District Technician

-Space in back of room in A6 for thin clients.

-Table for teacher computer

-Print server for printer.

-A6 cleared of equipment.

-Move A2 clients back to A6 (email to Support Tech)

- Rename logins + new labels, etc. (Eric needs training on doing this item)

-Order or re-arrange printer servers for A6 (Staff Room extra printer?)

-Order teacher computer table for front of room (Ginny) - done 8/10

-Get table built by Tracy

-Arrange for classroom technician to setup computer on table (coordinate through Lori).

-A6 cleared of equipment

1 Front Row Sound Systems Catina Early-mid August Outside Vendor contract with PTA

-Arranging for installation


-Ordering equipment/supplies (Ginny has sent email for quote; project lead needs to take over from there)

- Ginny sent email to potential installers and Roger.

-Determine additional cables if needed for connecting teacher PC.

-Re-chargeable Batteries


-Training for new/refresher for previous trainer attendees.

-Reimbursement to vendors/purchasers.

2 Classroom Teacher Systems
Lori Early August to 13th
District Technician? Classroom Technician

Domain Controller required




-Accounts and machine names for remainder of systems - Ginny - August 18.

-Password reset - August 18 - Ginny

-Overview for teachers including resetting password and time lines


3 Computer Lab Student Systems + screen covers
Ginny First Day of School+
Lab Coordinator
Domain Controller

-3 new systems

repairs and -maintenance of equipment


4 Student System Moves/Issues (outside of A6)
Lori First Week of School+ Classroom Technician

 - ordered

Network Cord run for A5 & A4;

Ports heated in A6, A5?

Swap printer in B3 to D4

Printer for A6 (LJ4)

Order print server for A6

-Swap B3/D4 printer(and print server)

-Configure/request install of Neo2 for A5

-Replacement of broken/non-functioning equipment

- A5/A6? Scanner

- A5 Neos

5 Staff Room Edusoft #2 On hold - system may be necessary for other use.  Existing system still functional. End of August or before 1st Benchmark
6 Mobile Cart(s) Configuration Classroom Technician -Equipment needs to be secured to cart, add VCR for Mobile 1
7 Copier/Printer Staff Room Ginny 1st Report Card period
District and/or Classroom Technician

-IT Exploration of Kyocera

-Person to investigate Mopier use.

-Where to store until investitgation?

8 Network Switch Replacements/re-wiring/performance Ginny ?? Emory & District/Sonoma Tech?
Donated equipment + time to implement
9 or 1
Old equipment Recycle/re purpose Lab cannot open as long as equipment is in the lab.

-see list at bottom of page.


4 Teacher Requests ??

-List of software per teacher system to install

- D1 extra color printer

- D4 Grading software



Grant Lab Equipment

All equipment is this section is the responsibility of the lab coordinator. 


Student Systems

All student systems are desktops.

2010-2011 Year

  1. Run Operating System Updates, Plug-in Updates and Microsoft Office updates on all existing 30 systems.
  2. Sterilize cups and re-distribute
  3. Fix all broken headphones (about 15) and re-distribute
  4. Install and configure 2 newer systems as student systems (with headphones and cups) + Screen covers
  5. Install additional "multimedia" software on two newer systems 
  6. Configure with Flip Vido, DVD  Burner, Scanner, etc.
  7. Install and test italc on all systems


Administrator System

The Lab Administrator system is being replaced after 6 years with one of the new refurbished systems.  Unlike previous configurations, the lab administrator system is not a "test system" for the terminal servers.  It will now be used (provided we permanently mount the projector) as the demonstration machine with sound support.



Peripherals, or supporting equipment, are any equipment that is broadly used by all systems or specifically for teaching or special projects.  Alll support equipment is maintained by the lab coordinator.


Printers and Scanners

The lab has two (three?) printers.  One black & white printer and one color laser printers (two inkjet colored printers as well which we should use up before deploying the Dell Color Laser Printers)


HP Laserjet 4050

Maintenance performed in 2009-2010 year.   If Kyocera copies becomes network-enabled, the bottom drawer will be reconfigured for letter size paper rather than legal.



Optima Projector

  1. Needs connecting to new Lab Administrator machine with video splitter
  2. Mount off ceiling or replace with short throw projector



Front Row

  1. Charging microphone batteries
  2. Connect to new lab administrator system



The servers come in two flavors.  Some work is done by the lab coordinator; other work is done by the contractor.  All work must be coordinated before it is completed and contractor work is best performed a week or two before users show up on campus and expect to use the equipment.


File Servers

Lab Coordinator Responsibilities

Lab Coordinator responsibilities are generally related to the data and  user accounts.

  1. Archive (if possible) all files from previous years to CD
  2. Clean up all folders and check permissions of folders for shared drive, apps drive (and teachers drive?) - are the permissions okay? Do we need adjustments in pofiles/group policies?  Server issue.
  3. Create any new teacher or staff accounts and set permissions accordingly. 
  4. Remove any staff members who are no longer part of Grant school
  5. Verify weekly backups


Timeline: First week of school


Server Contractor Responsibilities

The Server contractors provide the following "yearly setup" functions on each of the file servers.

  1. Open machines and vacuum out systems.
  2. Process all necessary Microsoft Updates for Operating Systems, Microsoft Office products, Add-ons and Default templates, directories and other user setups.
  3. Fix any reported problems with active directory, permissions, group policies, Microsoft office, plug-ins, etc. (Disconnected Drives, T:\ (teachers drive), MS Office Issue, Clip Art) 
  4. Process all necessary plug-in updates on servers
  5. Install any identified new products or updates on servers(Firefox, others?)
  6. Clean out active directory (based on activity logs/lab coordinator information)
  7. Clean out system logs and other information that is no longer necesary
  8. Clean up, as neccesary and possible, any active directory leftovers, etc.
  9. Defragment paging memory, hard drive as possible.
  10. Create a system state backup of the entire system
  11. Schedule weekly backups according to lab coordinator requirements
  12. Set beginning of year backup
  13. Set automatic "shutdown" after a period of time for all workstations (pending funding from Energy Savings Specialist)
  14. Adjust group policy for Energy Savings versus Access needs (pending funding from Energy Savings Specialist)


Timeline: Early August


Additional Explorations

  • Nightly backup to s:\ drive - changes only
  • New Terminal Server
  • Switch Replacement; changes in switch wiring


Terminal Servers

Grant has two terminal servers.  These need annual clean out.


Lab Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. Identify any applications/plug-ins or updates to existing products that need to be addressed by contractor
  2. Identify any changes to the default profile (how are these cleaned out and reset with changes?)


2010-2011 Potential Requirements

BGInfo on terminal sessions default (TSBackdrop)

Backgound on terminal session defaults (Dark Green?)


Timeline: Early August


Server Contractor Responsibilities

  1. Open machines and vacuum out systems.
  2. Process all necessary Microsoft Updates for Operating Systems
  3. Process all necessary plug-ins on servers
  4. Clean out system logs and other information that is no longer necesary
  5. Create a system state backup of the entire system
  6. Clean out any terminal sessions/left over accounts remnants and other orphans
  7. Check default profile definition and update according to Lab Coordinator requirements and plug-in requirements.
  8. Test all plug-ins for operation in terminal sessions
  9. Set automatic "shutdown" after a period of time for all terminals/remote desktops


Timeline: Early August


Classroom Equipment

Classroom equipment is divided into student systems, teacher PCs and peripherals.  The support strategy for the systems is based on what the district supports versus what we contract with a district employee to perform for the school outside of his district hours and responsibilities.


Teacher Systems

In 2010-2011, we are deploying refurbished equipment--one per classroom and support staff (reading, staff room, rsp, and speech).  At the end of June, 7 systems out of 21, were deployed.


Student Systems

Student systems are a combination of thin clients using the terminal servers and donated PCs from SCOE using remote desktop.  Although most of the PCs, could be used as standard PCs (no remote desktop), without a consistent method to clean them up each year, perform updates and deploy new applications, they are best used as "thin clients". 


Some of the student systems have an alternative shell to provide four options for the user while others were deployed before this capability and remain a "hybrid" system where IE7 is used to access the internet and remote desktop is used to access Microsoft Office products.  With the adoption of IE8 and Firefox in the lab in 2009-2010 along with the move to Web 2.0 applications, an open question remains on how best to deploy these systems along with the how best to continue support with our terminal servers.


Student systems are installed and maintained by the contracted classroom technician.



Classroom Peripherals

Each classroom has a network connected printer with either a built-in print server or an external print server.  Some classrooms have 5-port switches to enable all student, teacher and printers (mostly D-wing).  Additionally, some classrooms have flip video cameras, installed projectors, and FrontRow sound systems connected to teacher PCs.  Once classroom has NEO2 using an IR scanner for uploads.   

Potential Classroom Equipment

  1. The school has some older Alphasmarts that could be deployed in a few rooms and shared to provide more "typing" access. 
  2. There are two Dell Laptops that could be used as "typing" systems for any classroom (network connectivity?) or for Reading Teacher support with students.
  3. The Library would like to have the two thin-clients that were in the Library returned or replaced with additional systems.
  4. What is happening with A6?  Open (PCs for use with FastMath, AR, etc.  - Mini Lab); Primary Classroom A2 equipment needs moving to A6.


Classroom peripherals are installed and maintained by the contracted classroom technician.

Staff Room Peripherals

There are currently two printers in the staff room.  One is configured by the District as it supports Edusoft (see below).  The other is an additional printers since the Edusoft printer has given us much more problems.  This year, we acquired a Mopier 5 from SCOE, that may function both as a scanner and have the printing capacity needed for the staff room.  We need to explore its use this year.


Mobile Projector Carts

Mobile Projector carts are used outside of the lab, and, therefore, are lumped into the classroom equipment section.  At the moment, there is one mobile cart with a laptop computer, a DVD player, FrontRow sound system and projector. 


This year, the current mobile cart will be extended to include a VCR, thus replacing the old TV/VCR system stored in the Multi as the AV equipment.


A second mobile cart has been requested.  It would be outfitted similarly as the current one with the following exceptions:

  • likely would use a newer PC with wireless card (if one is available) or an old SCOE machine. Two Dell  Laptops are available, but they are not very powerful.


Mobile carts are outfitted and maintained by the contracted classroom technician.

Wireless Network

The school has three "home" wireless routers.  They require reconfiguration and deployment to be used.  Most notably, the wireless router would be use by:


  1. Mobile Carts in rooms where these are  used
  2. Kindergarten K2 Room with old laptops used by students in centers
  3. Multipurpose Room for all school or large projections
  4. Library
  5. RSP


Wireless Networks fall under either the system contractor or the classroom contractor.


Front Row Equipment Deployments

PTA has allocated funds to complete the three partial systems.  Targeted classrooms are:

  • A2 - old lab IR system with new pendant mic
  • A3 - old RF system previous in A6 before beta replacement
  • A5 - Sembio IR system with new pendant mic - beta replacement for A6


Remaining rooms without FrontRow equipment:

  • K2, B1 and A6 (if used as regular primary classroom)


FrontRow systems are installed and configured by outside vendors.


District Maintained Systems

The following systems are maintained exclusively by the District IT Business Services department.


Administrators & Support Staff

Principal, Admin Assistant, Attendance Clerk, Nurse, Psychologist, Guidance Counselor & their associated peripherals.


Edusoft Machine

Located in the staff room.  This machine is identified for replacement with a refurbished system.


Staff Room Printers

Located in the staff room.  The Brother MFC is both a scanner and a printer.  Printing seems to be an issue for it which is why there is a Laserjet 4M+?  deployed in the staff room as well.  These two systems might be replaced with the SCOE Mopier or one could be recycled provide the Kyocera copier became network-enabled. 


Kyocera Copier

Last year, the school looked into replacing the existing copier with one that had a network card with network access.  This would alleviate the need for an additional printer in the staff room and allow the standardized report cards to be printed to the copier room rather than to the lab.  This is still and option that should be explored.


Equipment Recycle

All donated equipment (printers + SCOE systems) need :

  1. Removal of licensed software (Microsoft Office + CA Associates)
  2. Domain accounts removed with all associated files
  3. User/Organization replaced
  4. Administrator password changed


This is tech committee responsibility and location and storage of the equipment until the time that it can be dealt with as a group is an issue!


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