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Typing vs Handwriting Skills Test

Page history last edited by Ginny Mason 9 years, 11 months ago

Handwriting Test

This test determines how fast your can handwrite text to compare with your typing speed and accuracy.



  1. The test is 3 minutes long.
  2. Write neatly as though you were going to write your final draft to hand in.
  3. Skip a line (write double-spaced) between each line.
  4. Read the text below.
  5. When Ms. Mason says begin, begin copying the text onto your paper.
  6. Stop when Ms. Mason says to do so.
  7. Wait for the next step.




The text to copy is in the box below.  You must copy it exactly as you see it.  Complete as much as possible in the time allowed.


The biggest explosion in the world took place in Siberia on June 30, 1908, and nobody knows what caused it. People and animals as far away as 100 miles were knocked off their feet, and trees were blown down and splintered into pieces. The explosion was so blindingly bright that it made the sun appear dark by comparison, and people reported that several nights after the explosion were almost as light as day. In Europe, more than 1,000 miles away, it was unusually bright that people could read a newspaper at midnight without turning on the lights.


Witnesses reported seeing an object fall across the sky just before the explosion occurred. One man said that he saw a huge flame flash across the sky. Then it grew dark, and he was thrown off his porch by the blast. 





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