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US Digital Map Instructions 2010

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Resources, Entry and Results

Below you'll find the input form and resources for entering map information for the  US States Digital Maps page. Maps are updated automatically by entering the information.  You'll be using two different forms to populate the three maps.


Map Overview


Map(s) Link to Enter Information Resources What To Do
Helpful Hints View Results in Table (after 5 minutes)
US Statehood, Population and Total Area Heat Maps
  1. US Census Website
  2. Infoplease Website for US
Enter all information at the same time. Make sure you have the correct year (2008) for population data. Results (Density is calculated)
US Points of Interest Map Points
  • Map Points (see Resources below)
  • Latitude/Longitude:  Get Lat Lon tool
  • Photos, images and website links (see Instructions below. 

Enter 6 required points (see below or your handout.)

  • Use your state report information (travel brochure, history, facts, or special interest sections) or the Resources below.
  • For latitude/longitude numbers, see the Instructions below.
  • For photos, images and websites, cut and paste the web address of the item directly into the form.  See the Instructions for photos below.
Results (You will not be able to see your name.)


Helpful Hints & Handouts 

  • Use correct grammar and spelling when entering information into the form.
  • Type only the information you want (no spaces at the beginning or end of the information).
  • Use the handouts to help gather information for all information except latitude/longitude numbers, photos, images and website addresses.


US Points of Interest


US Points of Interest Types (Spots)


Parks/Visitor Sites


Geographical Landforms


Largest City

Large City

National Park

State or City Park

Historical Site

Theme Park

Hottest Temperature

Coldest Temperature
















Required Map Points (6)

  • State Capital (with Flag image would be nice)

  • National or State Park

  • Largest City (if not the capital) or Large City

  • Historic Site

  • One "Weather" point (Hot, Cold, Rainy, Snow, Sunny, Lightning, Tornado or Hurricane)

  • One "Geographical Landform" point (Beach, Mountain, Desert, Forest, River, Valley or Lake)


Optional Points (4)

  • Up to 4 more points of your choice from the list


Instructions for Latitude/Longitude, Photos, Images and Website Links

  • Use Get Lat Lon tool

    • Example:  For Grant Elementary School:

      • Enter grant elementary school, petaluma, ca 94952

      • Copy the latitude/longitude numbers at the bottom of the map 38.2211954, -122.6301276

  • Adding a photo, image and website link
    • Example:  For Capital San Juan, Puerto Rico

      • Get the flag from wikipedia and copy the flag's web address into the photo box:

        • http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/28/Flag_of_Puerto_Rico.svg/200px-Flag_of_Puerto_Rico.svg.png

      • Get the Official Government website and copy the web address into the web address box.  (Yours will likely be: http://www.statename.gov, but check to make sure.)

        • http://www.gobierno.pr/gprportal/inicio




Location, Photo/Image and Website Instructions


Location Information

Need one of the following for "location"

    - the street address, city and state

    - the street address and zipcode

    - the latitude and longitude


Getting the Address

  • Find the website of the place and look on the "Contact Us" page.
  • Use Google Maps to search for the place name.


Getting Longitude and Latitude

Using Wikipedia

  1. Find your point of interest in Wikipedia
  2. Click the coordinates on the page
  3. Copy the entry that looks like "38.296667, -122.463056" from GeoHack

Using a Google Maps Tool

  • Got to:


  • Enter the Place name in the box
  • Click Zoom to Place
  • Copy the Latitude, Longitude numbers that look like "38.229550455326134, -122.71591186523438"



Adding Photos or Images to your Bubble

  1. Find your image or photo on a website.

  2. Right click on it and choose "Properties".

  3. Copy the entire URL (Web Address) - from the "http" all the way to the end of the address.  (Could be several lines).

  4. Go back to your input form

  5. Paste the URL into the Photo or Image Link box.


Adding Web Links to your Bubble

  1. Find the webpage you'd like to link in your information bubble.

  2. Copy the Web Address (URL)

  3. Go back to your input form

  4. Paste the URL into the Link to Website Address


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