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Grant Staff Training

Page history last edited by Ginny Mason 9 years, 5 months ago

Welcome Grant Staff!

We are pleased to offer onsite staff technology training on a regular basis at Grant.  Our training is designed to: 



Need Extra Help?

  • Meet the needs as they arise (just in time training)
  • Balance long-term goals and skills for curriculum integration
  • Improve staff productivity through the use of existing tools and introduction of new tools


On this page you'll find...



Please contact Lori or Ginny if you feel something should be covered that isn't already on the schedule or the timing of the training needs adjusting to meet immeditate needs.


Next Upcoming Training Description(s)

Grant Staff Training... 


  • Check with your buddy
  • View previous Training Schedule for details)

  • Download/Print handouts and materials

Wednesday, January 11, 2010 

Renaissance Place Settings - What can you control in Renaissance Place for Your Classroom and Why Would You?

1:10-1:30pm - Computer Lab


- clearing locked students

- setting classroom preferences for various tools in Ren Place (AR, AM, Math Facts in a Flash)

- monitor password change - some students know this (again!)

- maybe some other things as they arise before the training!


Training Schedule

Click on the event and choose More Details to see a description of the training. 



Training Handouts

Handout Need
Anti Virus Tips
Renaissance Place Webinar Handouts from Dec 2010-2011
Tech Plan Goals and Action Plan (pages 5-12 of Tech Plan - updated 1/19/0=10)  
Computer Lab School Site Council Report 2009-2010  
Computer Lab School Site Council Report 2008-2009  
Computer Lab School Site Council Report 2007-208  
Teacher Edition of Online Login Form  
Supporting Child w/Online Curriculum + Home Login Form  
EnVision Assignment Builder  
Edusoft Cheat Sheet  
Edusoft Report Samples  
Technical Tips: Auto and Easy Logins on Campus  
Technical Tips: Printer Order Form/Instructions/Printer Summary  


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