Curriculum Alignment Pages

The following pages are used to capture curriculum alignment with online (or offline) activities.  This page is organized by Grade Levels and Subjects.  Pages usually align to a particular subject area with multiple grades so that teachers can see activities above and below their current grade.  The multi-grade page also helps support combo classes in "one quick look".


Grade Level Subject/Curriculum Area Page
K - 3 Math Online Math Curriculum - Grades K - 3
1 Language Arts Starfall-HM Alignment - Grade 1
4 - 6 Math Online Math Curriculum Alignment - Grades 4-6
4 - 6  Multiple  Installed Applications - Grades 4-6 
K - 1 Language Arts  PM Story Books Software Alignment - Grade K - 1 



The template used to create a new page is called: Online Curriculum Alignment Template