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Wiki Tags

Page history last edited by Ginny Mason 10 years, 8 months ago

Wiki Tags help categorize pages across the folder organization.  Below are some guidelines:


  • Capitalization does matter.  Most tags for content are capitalized.  Lower case tags are for system use (templates, menus, etc.)
  • Don't know what tags to use:  Click here for a list and the pages that are tagged as examples.
  • Want to know what other pages are used for a tag.  Use the Search box and enter "tag:<tagname>".  For example, "
  • Want to create a "search" for the user, i.e., "all past classroom newsletters", follow these steps:
    1. Make sure your pages are tagged consistently for your tag (use the tip above).
    2. On your Classroom Newsletter page in edit mode:
    3. Type the label "All Past Class Newsletters" without the quotes.
    4. Highlight the label with your cursor.
    5. Click the link icon (globe with link) in the editor toolbar.
    6. Select "URL" for the type.
    7. In the URL box, type the following replacing the <tagname> with the tag for your class news pages:   http://grantlab.pbworks.com/tags.php?ptag=<tagname>  (You can copy the link from this page and then paste it into the box on your editor page, chaning the tagname to your tag.  (Remember capitalization counts!)
    8. Click Ok. (Check "Open in new window" if desired.)
    9. Save your page.
    10. Test your link.


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