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Table of Contents

More Information about these and other tools.

Typing Activities and Information





Online Typing Programs

Introductory Grades 2 & 3

BBC - Schools - Dance Mat Typing - Home





More Complete Program for Grades 3-6

These programs are more lesson oriented.  Some of the programs do not save your current level.  Remember to write it down.

Qwerty keyboard - about qwerty typing keyboard and how to learn typing instructions

Simple Interface

Step by Step Lessons - Simple interface

Learn 2 Type for Kids

Class ID: 8496

New to Grant 2010-2011

Typing Test - Learn2Type.com - learn to type online FREE typing tutor and typing tests, typing certification

Create your own account.



Keyboard Awareness Programs for K-2

kindergarten typing

Grades K-2

Key Seeker

Grades K-1


Typing Speed Tests

Lots of ads

Click to play Fingerjig

Lots of ads

 Play Keyboard Triathlon Now

Lots of ads.



Keyboarding Games

Remember to keep your hands on the "HOME ROW".  Try not to look at the keyboard.  Most online keyboard games have LOTS of ADS.

 Play Keyboard Revolution Now

Lots of ads.

Power Typing Games

Typing Games



Typing Tool Descriptions

Online Typing Programs

Most of these tools are introductory in nature and include some "lessons" about keys, hand position and typing progression.  They are not official typing lessons that produce proficiency.



Typing Speed Tests

Online applications for testing typing speed.

  • Typing Speed Test - from Learning for Kids Games.com.  Tests a paragraph of typing.
  • Fingerjig Game - 6 minute game typing random words from a 70,000 word dictionary.


Keyboard Awareness

Introduces the keyboard, finger position and the letters on the keyboard.  Suitable for younger students.


Keyboarding Games


Typing Tools to Install on your Computer

The following tools must be installed on a computer.  Some require purchase

  • Type To Learn - Grant uses an older version; however, Sunburst offers a newer version which is expensive.  Recommendation: Try Ultrakey Home Version.
  • WordWacker from Nimble Fingers - $25 to register to get the full program.  Includes lessons
  • Stamina Typing Tutor - free
  • Bruce's Typing Tutor - free, donations accepted
  • Rapid Typing Zone - freeware, shareware and online tools.  Online tools have lots of ads. 
  • Ultrakey - another keyboarding tool used by schools.  Available in Mac and Windows versions. $50.00 download from Bytes of Learning.
  • Tux Typing 2 - open source typing program for download.  Introductory only.
  • Animated Beginning Typing - demo version; full version $14.  Introductory.


Keyboarding Skills and Other Information

  • Typing Awareness Lesson for Grades 1 & 2.  This lesson introduces students to the keys on the keyboard.  Many of these keys are needed to search for titles of books in Accerated Reading Quizes. 



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