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TuxPaint is a free,  open source paint program for children ages 3 to 12.  It provides a number of of useful features for use by less sophisticated users.  See the links in the Download Software and Additional Information section for more information.


Table of Contents 



What is TuxPaint and Where to Get TuxPaint?



Main website: http://www.tuxpaint.org/


Download Software and Additional Information 


Tux Paint Templates and Standards

Introduction & Uses Presentation from Jennifer Graber: TuxIntro PDF.pdf


English Language Arts Math
Michigan Standards ELA Stds.doc Math Stds.doc

View Templates

Download Templates: KdgELA.zip

View Templates

Download Templates: KdgMth.zip


1st Grade

View Templates

Download Templates: 1stELA.zip

View Templates

Download Templates: 1stMth.zip

2nd Grade

View Templates

Download Templates: 2ndELA.zip

View Templates

Download Templates:



Grant Lab Specifics


Location on Server (where to find installation)

Apps Directory on Server (k:\apps\tuxpaint)


Location on System (installs to...)

C:\Program Files\TuxPaint


Available for users

All lab machines

K2 Laptops

10/09 - begin installation on Teacher systems for pre-teach opportunities


Configuration Information


  • save new file (default)
  • savedir (set by script)
  • file names: timestamped to the second
  • nolockfile


Data (Images) files 

TuxPaint stores its images (pictures) in a directory specified by the "savedir" command on the command line.  Each shortcut points to an S:\<classname>\Images directory where that classes pictures are stored.


Starter (Templates) files

These are located on the hard drive of the local system for the "stamps" and "starters".

Additional Starters

1) Place the starters in a folder under s:\<classname|\data

2) Edit the shortcut in the TuxPaint for Classrooms directory in K:\TuxPaint\TuxPaint for Classrooms to include the --datadir S:\<classname\data directory

3) Copy down the shortcut to each appropriate file

Classes using starters

All classes now have the ability to use starters by dropping into the following folder on the network server where <classroom teacher name> is the name of the classroom folder on the S:\ or "shared" drive.


s:\<classroom teacher name>\data\starters

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