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Primary Subjects

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K-3 Primary Subject Links


The links on this page are oriented to early reading and math skills most appropriate for Pre and Early Reading, Emergent Reading and early math skills.  Grade equivalency is approximate.  Use the Table of Contents to navigate. 


Table of Contents


Website vs. Reading Level Appropriateness

The following table helps identify the activity or website appropriate for your child.  Use the table a guideline; however, each child is unique and a student may need to move up or down in skill according to their learning style, familiarity with websites and applications, and learning pace.  If you just don't know where to start, begin with the Grade column below as a guide or ask your child's teacher.


Reading Level Grade Comments
Pre and Emergent Reading

Websites typically have sound support.  Most use the mouse or simple letters on the keyboard or arrow keys.
Early Reading and Primer   Some websites have sound support.  If a child is reading, then they will not need assistance.  If they are not reading, they will need assistance.
Transitional and Self-Extending Children can read according to grade level.  They should be able to read the instructions and follow directions themselves.


Subjects & Links Table


Language Arts

Grade Appropriateness

Other Areas Covered

Starfall Learn to Read

One of our very favorites...



Another useful website, particularly for keyboard awareness and letters


 Digital Literacy

Bembo's Zoo

Just plain fun for young kids (and adults) to watch.



More letters and digital literacy skills.

 Digital Literacy

Meddybumps Beantime Stories

Great stories as well some really fun activities; no sound support.


Roy: Tale of the Singing Zebra

Built by a teacher; stories require reading.  Great online activities.


BBC Stories and Rhymes

Watch and read as well as read only stories from the BBC.


International Children's Digital Library

Kids (and Adults) can register for a "Libary Account" which teaches "logins" and other skills.

Multiple Languages

 Digital Literacy

Storynory: Kids Audo Books

Audio Books to Download to your iPod or MP3 Player


Owl & Mouse Beginning Letter Sounds

Beginning Letter Sounds; also provides downloadable software for reading.



Childrens Storybooks Online

  Children's Storybooks Online

Some books with sound; many without, but very appropriate for age group.




Links to activities that help develop fine motor skills.  Links to some highly advertising-based sites.


Kindergarten Games

Digital Use





Multiple Subjects

Grade Appropriateness

Areas Covered

Other Areas Covered


So much here, it can be overwelming....

Kindergarten, First and Second grade pages concentrate on Math and Language Arts.


Language Arts


Social Studies

Digital Literacy




Other Resources 

The following resources are used at Grant and can be downloaded and installed on your home computer.


K-2 At Home Applications



Applications installed at school.  Your child should have some experience with using this tool for the grades identified.


Although all of these applications contain a free version.  There are some applications with additional features for a small price.  These are noted by this symbol.



Student Rating






Early learning games for ages 2-6.  Includes letters, numbers, colors, doodle art and keyboard exercises.  Mini-Sebran is a great tool for students to practice their mousing skills as well by tracing letters.  Grant has the "Exit" button setup to allow students to exit the application without using the complicated ALT-F4 combination.



Letters, numbers, addition, subtraction, word/picture recognition (early reading).



A paint program that can be used for a number of learning lessons.  Please see the TuxPaint page for primary grade appropriate templates.  Don't forget the stamps!  Our reorganized version of the stamps is available on the TuxPaint page as well.



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