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Online Math Curriculum Alignment - Grades 4-6

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Below is a repository of specific tools/assignments aligned to the current enVision Math Curriculum for grades 4-6.   This is a shared resource with responsibility for all to help align tools activities to our current math program.


Instructions for adding content and posting to your page are provided at the bottom of this page. 


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 Envision Math Topic#

Topic # Grade  4 Topic # Grade 5 Topic # Grade 6 Activity Name/Link[1] Website/Tool Name[2] Description Comment/Recommendation

Factor Tree

Prime Factorization




Factor numbers using a tree diagram.

Double Trees ask for both GCF and LCM.


Teacher Resource page

Single Tree: "Computer" (Do 10)

Single Tree: "User" (Do 10) - Have students create their own or you provide a specific set.

Double Tree: "Computer" (Do 5)

Double Tree: "User" (Do 5) - Have students create their own or you provide a specific set.


    Measuring and Drawing Angles with GeoGebra GeoGebra Each level allows student to generate random angles, measure or draw angle
     and check answer 
      Ordered Pairs & Graphing  enVision    Printout 100 
      Shapes  enVision     Printout 100  
      Probability enVision    Printout 100 
      Ordered Decimals enVision    Printout 100 
      Converting Measurements enVision    Printout 100 
      Equal Ratios enVision    Printout 100 
      Fraction Meanings enVision    Printout 100 
      Fractions and Decimals enVision   Printout 100
      Graphs-->Historgram, Frequency enVision   Printout 100
      Inequalities enVision   Printout 100
      Integers enVision   Printout 100
      Mean Variation enVision   Printout 100
      Multiplying & Dividing Fractions enVision   Printout 100
      Percent enVision   Printout 100
      Perimeter enVision   Printout 100
      Similarity and Proportions enVision   Printout 100
      Abra-ca-rabbits enVision Recoginize number patterns; make generalizations and predictions with input/output tables, using vairables to state rules and show algebraic relationships. 

Just for fun.

Differentiated levels of play targeting addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

      Bubble Telescope enVision Locate points on a coordinate gride; graph ordered pairs of letters and numbers in 1 of 4 quadrants. Fun
      Chicken Corral enVision Quadrilaterals, estimating and calculating permiter and area of squares, rectangels and irregular figures.  
      Cuckoo for Symmetry enVision Visual thinking to match the two halves of symmetric figures.  
      Dragon Drop enVision  Use place value to compare and order whole numbers from 10-10,000, decimals to hundredths, fractions with like and unline denominators, integers -50-50, and mixed numbers   
      Fearless Flying Fleas enVision Estimate and measure length in nonstandard units, centemeters, inches and quarter inches. Cute
      Hamster Hotel enVision Make groups of ten using numnbers, fractions, decimals and percentages. Just for fun
      Hatchin' Fractions enVision Understand fractions with like and unlike denominators; locate fractions on a number line. Just for fun
      Math Facts Practice enVision Use whole-number computation as well as basic facts and fact strategies for addition, stubratction, multiplication and division problems.

Use timer or not.

6th Grade: hard + timer on - needs demonstrating.


      Number Jungle enVision Count up and down on a number line from 0 to 100; use basic facts and fact strategies to add and subtract by 1's, 5's and 10's.  
      Probability Pond enVision Describe chances as certain, impossible; more, less or equally likely.  Show probability as a fraction; create models of given probability.  




  1. Fill out the table with the appropriate information.
  2. Make sure that the Activity Name is understandable as this will be "copied and pasted" onto classroom assignment pages.
  3. Please make sure that the Website/Tool Name page contains a link to the main page of the website/tool.  Often teachers will want to peruse a site to see additional items.
  4. The grade column should contain the enVision math topic/lesson number(s) that best match the tool.
  5. Description should be something that makes sense.
  6. Comment/Recommendation can contain recommendations for the number of times to do the activity or where the tool might best for the age.
  7. Make sure you've posted the resource (Website/Tool Name) on the Math Resources page as well.  Students should have the opportunity to explore the "Math" page's offerings.



  1. If possible, this should link directory to the activity. While you can use an ugly "URL", a nice looking one is better. To create a nice looking one, review the instructions.
  2. You may link the "main" tools website or a link to the teacher resources section of the website in this section. Ideally, this item should be posted on the Math page. Please see the instructions on this page for more information.
  3. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

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