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Online Math Curriculum - Grades K - 3

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Below is a repository of specific tools/assignments aligned to the current enVision Math Curriculum for grades K - 3.   This is a shared resource with responsibility for all to help align tools activities to our current math program.


Instructions for adding content and posting to your page are provided at the bottom of this page. 


Click on the little arrow in the upper right corner above the whitespace to expand this page to full width.  Sort the table by clicking on the column heading.


 enVision Math Topic#

Grade K Grade 1[1] Grade 2 Grade 3 Strand/Topic Activity Name/Link[2] Website/Tool Name[3] Description[4] Comment/Recommendation[5] 




Secret Code Game





Utah Education Network





Match shape patterns to crack the code.










Color Patterns Utah Education Network

Complete a pattern of colored buttons.





Make our own pattern

Tux Paint

Use stamps to make different patterns.

Have students make an  ABAB pattern,  then try an ABBA or harder patterns.






Counting Money

Coin Maddness

Matching Money

Make a Dollar

Sheppard Math

Sheppard Math


Click on coins to add up to stated value. 

Match coins to the correct written value.

Click and drag coin to equal $1.00.


Review word "cents" prior to game.


11, 13



    Counting on 100s chart


100  Number Grid



ABC Ya- 1st grade

Help Owl find his friends on a blank 100s chart. Review 100s chart prior to lesson.  Focus on how to find numbers by counting columns by tens.




Skip Counting by 2s,5s, and 10s

Super Connect the Dots
ABC Ya-1st Grade Connect the dots bys twos, fives or tens.  



Tens and Ones

Build a Number


NLVM Build a given number by using base ten blocks.  



Comparing/ Ordering #s to 100

Monkey Number Order


Number Order Game

ABC Ya- 1st Grade



Practice putting numbers in order.


Help Max in the forest by putting the numbers in the right order.



Start on the easiest level (Medium).

    Building on a Tens Frame
Fill in the Tens Frame
Utah Education Network
Fill in tens frames using two colored counters to make 10.  Next, try adding numbers using two separate tens frames.
Start on How Many? if too difficult.



  1. Fill out the table with the appropriate information.
  2. Make sure that the Activity Name is understandable as this will be "copied and pasted" onto classroom assignment pages.
  3. Please make sure that the Website/Tool Name page contains a link to the main page of the website/tool.  Often teachers will want to peruse a site to see additional items.
  4. The grade column should contain the unit/topic/lesson number(s) that best match the current activity you are adding.
  5. Description should be something that makes sense.
  6. Comment/Recommendation can contain recommendations for the number of times to do the activity or or anything else you can think of to help your colleagues.
  7. If this is the first time this particular tool has been added, please make sure you've posted the resource (Website/Tool Name) on the "Subject" page as well.  Students should have the opportunity to explore the "Subject" page's offerings.
  8. If you need more rows, place your cursor in the last box on the last row of the table and press "tab".




  1. It is important to be consistent when entering the topic # as the table supports sorting and will do so according to numbers and letters.
  2. Name the activity to align with the current texboot curriculum rather than what the vendor calls the activity and link it directly to the page/activity.
  3. Use a consistent name if you already have one, i.e., NLVM, Also, link to the main page or the teaching page to allow other teachers peruse the activity set.
  4. Include a brief desciption of what is covered, particularly if it covers multiple unit/topic or lesson numbers.
  5. Include any recommendations or instructions that may help another teacher understand how to use the activity.

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