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Instructions: Online Curriculum Alignment Page

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This page provides instructions on both creating an Online Curriculum Alignment Page using the template as well as how to link an activity on your page to use from a curriculum alignment page.


Creating an Online Curriculum Alignment Page


  1. Login to the Wiki
  2. Using the Navigator, find the "Teachers Resources" folder and check to make sure that an existing alignment page for your subject or grade is not already present.  It it does exist, just edit and add your new activity.
  3. You'll be placing your subject name where the brackets <> are located in these instructions and on the actual page.
  4. Click on "Create A Page" using the icon in the upper left corner.
  5. Name your page appropriately "Online <Subject Name> Curriculum Alignment - Grades <# - #>
  6. Place the page in the Teachers Resources folder
  7. Use the template "Online Curriculum Alignment Page Template"
  8. One the page is created, save it.
  9. Edit the page changing all the brackets <> to your curriculum and grades.
  10. Review the example in the template for one entry.
  11. Delete the current example and enter your own.
  12. Save the page.  It is now ready to use to track activities over time with curriculum and to edit and modify by other teachers.


Adding to a Online Curriculum Alignment Page

Instructions for adding an activity to an exisitng alignment page is provided at the bottom of the Online Curriculum Page. 


Posting an activity to A Classroom/Grade Page.

The instructions below will guide you on adding an activity from the online curriculum alignment page to your own classroom or grade page.


  1. Find the Alignment Page in the Teachers Resources folder with the activity you want to provide for students.
  2. Open a second browser window/tab or page
  3. Go to your Classrom page in this second page.
  4. In View mode, copy the Activity Link (blue underlined activity name).
  5. Go to your classroom page
  6. In Edit mode, place your cursor where you'd like to add the link and paste (use the paste icon at the top of the editor or CTRL-V.)
  7. Save your page.


At this point you can edit your page and write your own instructions or repeat steps 1-7 using the recommendations provided on the alignment page.


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