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Second Grade

Classroom Pages




Scholastic Listen and Books

Listen and Read Books

Animals and Food

 Grade 1 Grade 2

Scholastic Listen and Books

Listen and Read Books

Social Studies

 Grade 1 Grade 2


Wonderful 2nd Grade Readers!


K-2 At Home Applications



Applications installed at school.  Your child should have some experience with using this tool for the grades identified.


Although all of these applications contain a free version.  There are some applications with additional features for a small price.  These are noted by this symbol.



Student Rating






Early learning games for ages 2-6.  Includes letters, numbers, colors, doodle art and keyboard exercises.  Mini-Sebran is a great tool for students to practice their mousing skills as well by tracing letters.  Grant has the "Exit" button setup to allow students to exit the application without using the complicated ALT-F4 combination.



Letters, numbers, addition, subtraction, word/picture recognition (early reading).



A paint program that can be used for a number of learning lessons.  Please see the TuxPaint page for primary grade appropriate templates.  Don't forget the stamps!  Our reorganized version of the stamps is available on the TuxPaint page as well.



A5 Cratty Second Grade Also visit the Home Applications page for specific Math and Language Arts programs suitable for students in this age group.



Mrs. Baumann/Ms. Reed's Class

Science:  Insects and Plants 

Enjoy the activity  Insect Hunt! 



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