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Applications installed at school.  Your child should have some experience with using this tool for the grades identified.


Although all of these applications contain a free version.  There are some applications with additional features for a small price.  These are noted by this symbol.



Student Rating





From counting to division, this program provides practice with math fact concepts.

Multiplication Station

Multiplication Station will teach your child to add, subtract and multiply.The application can be configured for addition, subtraction and multiplication. The number ranges can be configured, and the grid size can also be configured to study specific ranges.

Timez Attack

for upgrade.  Multiplication facts practice.  Engaging game to memorize mulitplication facts.  Extremely popular with the boys!

Tux, of Math Command

Tux, of Math Command is part of the Tux4Kids project.  It contains number typing through division.  Positive and negative numbers are included.  NOTE:  Its interface is more like a missile shooting game at comets.  For this reason, it is not installed at school


Although named for Tux, Tux Math Scrabble is not part of the Tux4Kids project.  Tux Math Scrabble is a free math game for kids that is similar to the board game Scrabble, but uses numbers instead of letters. There are four skill levels for practice, from basic addition with small numbers, through multiplication and division with larger numbers. Kids get to compete against the animated penguin Tux. 


GeoGebra is an open source tool created for Geometry, Algebra and Calculus.  There are several online lessons available for 4th-6th grades.  However, students can download and create their own based on the online examples.

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup is a great 3D tool for creating all kinds of objects.  As a creative design tool, students use math concepts, visual and spatial skills to create--very open ended.

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